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This is a Get the high-performing guide to a healthier, happier life. Ready to finally enjoy the life you've worked so hard to build?

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Mental health
Physical Health
Living Space
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Curing Stress Relate Illness: Tara's healing journey
10+ Videos by Dr. Cammy explaining each mini guide
Interactive Maintenance plan
Dr. Cammy Podcast
Interactive Journal
Dr. Cammy Froude

You have a beautiful family, but you hardly see them because you're busy. Your friends have been lost to chaotic schedules. Your career feels more like a job than a passion. Your leg muscle are tight, you shoulders are cramped to your ears. You can't remember the last time you slept thought the night, and a lot of thing just don't feel right. 

Take a breath and listen to this...

These problems all have themes. And when we take the evidence-based steps to solve them, we can solve for all of them at the same time.

Once upon a time, you’d have to pay thousands of dollars to lay on a therapist’s couch for years before you ever got to the root cause of your problems, let alone solve them.

As a PhD trained family therapist and recovering perfectionist and anxiety driven lady—I think life's too short for that.

I'm Dr. Cammy, and after helping hundreds of high-performing individuals successfully recover from stress and anxiety through therapy and coaching, I know the scientifically-proven shortcuts that help you systematically rewire your brain and behavior for a more joyful, connected and fulfilling life.


Save money, time & frustration by taking the scientifically-proven shortcut to bliss. An evidence-based 8 step system to revamp every aspect of your life: your health, mindset, relationships, finances, job, home, and habits. Designed by renowned therapist & anxiety coach, Dr. Cammy.


I want you to become one of those people who smiles openly, laughs every day, and finds the world to be an energizing place. I don’t want you to be a frazzled stress-ball who can’t remember the last time you ate a real meal or slept a full night! That’s not the REAL YOU. That’s a version of you that’s surviving. You deserve to be thriving.

I want you to find your stride in all areas of life and propel forward with all that momentum. I want you to experience waking-up fully rested with excitement for the day ahead of you.

It’s time to start designing your days. And when you design your days you design your life.

It doesn’t have to be complicated...

Are you in? Are you ready for that full night sleep? Do you want that butterflies-in-your stomach feeling with your partner?

How will you feel when you can really play all out with your kids? What would it be like to wake-up excited to go to work because you love what you do?

I’ll ask again…Are you in!?Great! Because I’m going to show you how to do all of the above and more.


8 core domains of your life
Evidence-based Mini-Guides
original videos
A case study of a real client
comprehensive maintenance plan
3 Bonus offers

Here's what people are saying about 90 Days to Calm..

Jenny O.
“I am so grateful to have found Dr. Cammy and the 90 Days to Calm Masterclass. Dr. Cammy’s coaching style is very effective for me because she is so easy to talk to and very relatable. Dr. Cammy doesn’t just listen and nod, she actually gives you tools to improve your life. I never feel judged and so appreciate the concrete guidance and positive feedback. I hope to continue working with Dr. Cammy forever!”
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Caitlin F.
“I had an amazing experience with Dr. Cammy! She is wonderful at what she does as a coach and I am living proof of what is possible. In just one conversation, Dr. Cammy helped me discover my main cause of anxiety and make a plan to tackle it. I am excited to work more in depth with Dr. Cammy. I am thankful for everything that she does for me!
Posted on
Jenny B
“Dr. Cammy is hands-down amazing. I’ve had so many coaches over the years who didn’t meet me where I was at in life, I left feeling stuck and less-than. Within a few minutes of meeting Dr. Cammy, I felt at ease. She taught me the exact skills I needed to come down from an anxiety attack and not have it overcome my life. With Dr. Cammy’s help, I developed the tools to cope with future panic and now I am confident to handle my anxiety and reach out for help. She is the furthest thing from intimidating. Dr. Cammy can take you from tears to laughter and back while feeling safe and secure in your feelings and emotions. I feel incredibly blessed and excited to take my 1-1 work with Dr. Cammy and join the 90 Days to Calm Masterclass. PS: She also has cute little cats!”
Posted on

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