Hi, I’m Dr. Cammy!

I started Bliss in Being after helping thousands of people recover from trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and other highly stressful situations. Today, I’m proud to offer therapy and coaching alongside my values-aligned colleagues.  No matter the depths or lengths of your suffering, you deserve to live a blissful, fulfilling life.

As a fellowship trained medical family therapist with a hunger for learning, I create a highly customized healing experience for each client. The foundation of our work always includes first-line evidence-based treatments, such as EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy, to address your specific concerns. I then blend edgier approaches, like human design and quantum consciousness, to undo cycles of anxiety and trauma to repattern into your highest self. 

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Medical Family Therapy
PhD. Human Development
and Family Studies
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist
EMDR Certified Therapist

What is my educational background?


University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
Family Medicine Faculty Fellowship
Focus: Interprofessional, trauma-informed primary care


University of Colorado
Advanced Specialization - Medical Family Therapy
Focus: Functional neurological disorders in primary care


University of Connecticut
PhD, Human Development and Family Studies
Focus: Psychosocial resilience during chronic illness


University of Connecticut
MA, Marriage and Family Therapy
Focus: Couple and family recovery from PTSD


Catholic University
BA, Human Development and English
Focus: Trauma and the brain-gut connection


Boston College
MA, General Psychology
Focus: Community counseling for sexual trauma

What is my clinical training?


Gottman Certified Therapist
Gottman Institute
Focus: Trauma-informed couple therapy; Couples living with chronic illness


EMDR Consultant
EMDR International Association
Focus: Training trauma-informed therapists in individual and couple healing


EMDR Certified Therapist
Focus: Individual and couple recovery from PTSD; Medically unexplained symptoms; functional neurological disorders; psychogenic seizures


AAMFT Nationally Approved Supervisor
Focus: Trauma therapy; EMDR; Medical Family Therapy


Neurolinguistic Programming Master
iNLP Center
Focus: Trauma-informed medical therapy family therapy


Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner
iNLP Center
Focus: Clinical hypnosis in the treatment of complex PTSD

Where am I licensed to practice therapy?


New York Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
License #002076


Georgia Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
License # 002078


Washington DC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
License # 97457


California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
License # 97439


Massachusetts Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
License # 1496


Hi, I’m
Cristeta Rillera.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with a specialization in working with individuals and couples with a history of trauma. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome the worst moments of their lives and start a new chapter.

As a trained couple therapist, I am skilled in working with couples to change the destructive patterns that are holding them back. Clients describe me as knowledgeable, warm, straight-forward, and solution focused.

MA, Marriage and Family Therapy
BA, Anthropology
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist
EMDR Trained Therapist
How are you feeling today?

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, relationships or fulfillment, one of our licensed trauma therapists or coaches can help.