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Dr. Cameron Froude.

Hi, my name is Dr. Cammy Froude and I'm excited to connect with you! I'm a therapist trained at UCSF and have been helping individuals overcome issues such as unrelenting worry, trauma, strained relationships, and PTSD therapy in San Francisco for over 10 years. I've developed an evidence-based formula to help talented, busy individuals break free from chronic stress so they can experience a life of pleasure, presence, and profound fulfillment.  Let’s work together so you can step into the brazen, brilliant, and breathtaking life you truly deserve.

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Alexis B.
“To put it simply, Cammy Froude has changed my life. She is simply the best coach I have worked with. She is so good at understanding those in the program and helping them work through difficulties. Each module is helpful in learning how to regulate my mood, practice self-love/care, and be a part of community… I met Cammy at one of the retreats in Northern CA and within 20 min she recognized my struggle with my current job. She encouraged me to consider life coaching and I've now been a Business Coach for 2-years and couldn't feel more fulfilled. She uses humor and is "ride or die" for us...”
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April O
“Dr. Cammy was the first person to validate my core feelings and coach me on ways to positively cope with them. I recently joined the 90 Days to Calm Masterclass. It has provided me with step-by-step ways to improve and reset my mindset. I feel empowered after every session with Dr. Cammy. She is simply the best!”
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Sarah M
“Talking with Dr. Cammy has brought a new perspective on my outlook on life and how I see my relationships. She is really easy to talk to and I felt like she understood me after only a few minutes. We made a concrete plan for how I will change parts of my life to tackle my anxiety. The best part was that Dr. Cammy holds you accountable and actually connects with you like a friend.”
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