Immigration Diagnostic Evaluations

I am an Expert Clinical Evaluator specializing in immigration diagnostic evaluations. With a commitment to precision and empathy, I offer not only professional immigration evaluations but also stand as an expert witness in immigration federal courts. What sets my practice apart is the dedicated use of trauma-informed interviewing techniques and expert witness strategies.

In the complex world of immigration assessments, I recognize the profound impact of trauma on individuals' experiences. My approach incorporates trauma-informed interviewing to ensure a compassionate and comprehensive evaluation process, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by those navigating the immigration system.

Furthermore, my expertise extends to providing expert witness testimony in immigration federal court. I bring a nuanced understanding of the legal intricacies involved, offering testimony grounded in both clinical expertise and a deep comprehension of the immigration landscape.

Your journey through immigration evaluations deserves the guidance of a seasoned professional. Let me be your trusted Expert Clinical Evaluator, committed to utilizing trauma-informed interviewing and expert witness strategies to provide thorough and insightful evaluations for your immigration needs.

Our Specialties

We specialize in the following types of evaluations

Hardship Evaluation
Asylum Evaluation
VAWA: Violence Against Women & Transgender Individuals
Unaccompanied Minors

Types of Evaluations

Hardship evaluation:

A Hardship is an evaluation that you assess how the family will be psychologically affected if their loved one is deported.

VAWA: Violence

You evaluate an immigrant client that has survived domestic violence while married to a U.S. citizen.


You evaluate the severity of trauma and ability to survive that an immigrant client of human trafficking has experienced.


You evaluate the traumatic experience an immigrant client has survived that has been a victim of a crime here in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I am train Clinical Evaluators for Immigration cases across the U.S. to produce thorough diagnostic evaluation reports ready for Federal Immigration Court.