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Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision for therapists who are working toward licensure in the states of California, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, and Washington DC. Inviting another mind to consider your approach and teach new skills can be extremely helpful. I offer a trauma therapy -informed and attachment based perspective to assist with your clinical learning and development.

Clinical Supervision
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Our Services

Clinical Consultation

I provide consultation to clinicians who are navigating challenging clinical situations related to trauma and/or medical concerns (e.g. pelvic pain, non-epileptic seizures, etc). Foundational coursework in graduate school often does not equip therapists with the tools they need for comprehensive treatment of complex PTSD and medically oriented trauma. I provide guidance and consultation to licensed trauma therapist in these areas to support them in their clinical growth and decision-making.

Our Services

EMDR Consultation

I provide individual and group consultation to therapists who have completed Part 1 and Part 2, Basic Training. I also consult with therapists who have completed their Basic Training and are either collecting hours towards Certification or who wish to refine their EMDR skill set.

Toward Certification
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What is clinical supervision?
Who can receive clinical supervision at Bliss In Being?
What is EMDR consultation?
What is clinical consultation?
Who can receive clinical and EMDR consultation at Bliss In Being?
Who provides supervision and consultation at Bliss In Being?
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