Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of people break free from the toxic hold of self-doubt, constant worry, and low mood and create a path to joy and fulfillment. My role is to collapse the time it takes you to rise from the depths of stress to the heights of success. I will partner with you as a gentle guide, listening attentively to your desires and providing resources and feedback to help make your journey to bliss as smooth as possible.

I’m a recovering perfectionist with a long history of anxiety and a dash of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I spent years seeking ways to quiet my mind (that raced at 100 miles per hour) and calm my body (that panicked at the drop of a hat) besides the rituals that lent me a brief feeling of control and peace. I convinced myself that once I reached a certain milestone or achieved a particular goal, the anxiety and rituals would disappear.

When I finally *arrived* at my ultimate destination, my anxiety actually worsened, and the rituals started taking up more and more of my day. I developed chronic lower stomach pain that doctors said was “all in my head”. Over the next few years, I did everything I could to get better. I breathed and meditated. I lit candles. I wrote in a journal. I tracked my thoughts. I walked, I ran, I biked. I phoned a friend. I met with a therapist. And then another one. Then a third one. I learned a lot. But, nothing gave me relief from the anxiety and rituals. I questioned if there was something wrong with me – why couldn’t I solve for this issue in my life?

I finally decided to be my own healer.

I took the information I learned in school and paired it with all that I discovered about myself. And, I started to get better. Today, I am a living example of what it means to go from surviving with unrelenting mind-body anxiety to thriving in a calm body and a clear mind. I am here to tell you, recovery is possible. And, I can help you find a way out and lead the life you were meant to live.

We’re all more than our neuroses, including me! I am a San Francisco transplant from Boston. I married the yin to my yang. And, I’m the proud mama to two little cats and a dog: Fenjoon, our Kinkalow-Munchkin,  Duchess, our Scottish Straight Ear, and Marjorie, our Beagle. I love to run and fall off-and-on that wagon quite often. My music tastes are best described as: Sad man with a guitar.

I wake-up every morning bright-eyed and excited to show up 100% for my clients.

How are you feeling today?

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, relationships or fulfillment, one of our licensed trauma therapists or coaches can help.