Sep 9, 2023

Trauma-Informed Couples Therapy in San Francisco: A Holistic Approach

Trauma-Informed Couples Therapy: A Holistic Approach

Have you experienced a relationship rupture that you feel is unpleasant, irritating, or unhealable?

Do both parties intend to attend and participate in the search for a solution?

Our work with couples in therapy frequently begins in this manner.

When a pair is dysregulated, they frequently seek out couples or marriage counseling. They are fighting or arguing because something has occurred—a relationship breakup, binge drinking, or drug use—or because they always have the same disagreement without coming to a resolution. They feel trapped in their fury or wrath at this stage.

Couples therapy can be a powerful tool for couples looking to heal and repair their relationship. Couples who seek this type of counseling often experience a range of emotions, including anger, fear, sadness, confusion, empowerment, and more. Couples face unique challenges that require specialized attention and tailored support. Couples therapy is an effective way to provide that customized care. 

We embrace a trauma-informed approach to couples counseling in San Francisco. Our therapeutic process recognizes the impact of past experiences on our current relationships and relational patterns. We strive to create a safe space where couples can explore unresolved issues without fear or judgment. Together with our clients, we develop a holistic plan that addresses the individual's and couple's needs. 

What is trauma-informed couples therapy, and how does it work?

Trauma-informed Couples Therapy (TIC) is a holistic and comprehensive approach to helping couples heal and manage distress. It considers the dynamics of both parties in a relationship and their individual histories and traumas that may be impacting the couple’s behavior or communication patterns.

At its core, trauma-informed Couples Therapy focuses on understanding how our past experiences can shape our current relationships. We explore unresolved issues from the past, such as negative beliefs about ourselves or others, that current events in our relationship with our partner have triggered. This exploration helps us gain insight into what we need to change to communicate with each other and build stronger bonds.

Through Couples Therapy, we can learn better ways to regulate our emotions and work together to find solutions that fit both partners’ needs. Couples Therapy in San Francisco provides a safe space for couples to discuss their issues without fear of judgment or criticism. This allows partners to express themselves freely and gain insight into their partner's perspective.

We strive to empower individuals and couples by teaching them the skills they need to foster healthier relationships. Psychodynamic therapy and Somatic Couples therapy, along with EMDR in San Francisco, is an effective ways for couples to repair their relationship and build trust that can last a lifetime.

What Can Couples Expect From Couples Therapy?

Couples Therapy is a collaborative process between the couple and therapist. Couples can expect to create an atmosphere of trust that encourages open communication, understanding, and empathy toward each other. Couples will gain insight into how past experiences may impact their current relationship through increased awareness and self-reflection. Couples will also learn positive tools and techniques to manage conflict in their relationship better and build stronger connections.

We promote healthy relationships by helping couples identify growth areas to move forward together. Couples therapy can help individuals become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, needs, and expectations while cultivating respect for themselves and each other. Couples Therapy can also help partners recognize the importance of mutual understanding, communication, and compromise to maintain a healthy relationship. Couples Therapy in San Francisco effectively fosters stronger bonds between partners and builds lasting relationships.

Dr. Cammy is committed to helping couples create more meaningful, fulfilling relationships with each other through Couples Therapy in San Francisco. Our approach is tailored specifically to the couple’s unique needs and goals, providing the support they need to overcome their challenges. Contact us today for more information about Couples Therapy in San Francisco and how we can help you or your partner on their journey of healing and growth. Psychotherapy offers a wide range of opportunities for development and learning, assisting patients in overcoming the effects of trauma, abuse, and loss, coping with challenges in their lives, and thriving.

The benefits of trauma-informed couples therapy

A few potential advantages of trauma-informed marital counseling are listed below:

Better communication

To assist you and your partner in developing better communication skills, trauma-informed couples therapy has this as one of its key objectives. This may entail developing healthy and aggressive ways to express your emotions and needs and active and empathic listening skills for your partner.

Greater tolerance and comprehension

Trauma-informed couples therapy can aid you, and your partner in developing a better understanding of one another by emphasizing the effects of previous trauma on present behaviors and relationships. This may result in the partnership showing more empathy and support for one another and feeling more connected.

Increased faith

Trust is frequently eroded in partnerships when one or both partners have endured trauma. Couples counseling informed by trauma can assist you both in resolving trust issues and strengthening your relationship. 

Increased emotional control

Trauma can impair your capacity to control your emotions, which might cause irrational outbursts or trouble controlling tension. Couples therapy influenced by trauma can help you and your partner develop coping mechanisms and emotional equilibrium, strengthening your bond and relationship.

Increased sense of worth and self-esteem

The feeling of gender identity and personality of an individual can be significantly impacted by trauma. Couples counseling influenced by trauma can help you resolve these problems and reestablish a healthy mind and body, strengthening your bond.

Why Therapists Needs To Use A Trauma-Informed Approach

Using a trauma-informed approach, we can learn how prior coping mechanisms for suffering function in the current relationship. What has each person experienced that has caused them to approach this relationship the way they do? What does every individual need? Why are some words or events triggering to them?

What's wrong with you? is not a question that comes up in a trauma-informed approach. It states: Your life experiences determine how you present yourself in relationships and daily life. Your experiences in life pushed you to the survival strategies you have had so far. And things could get better by learning new coping mechanisms! The leading sex psychotherapist provides modern integrated approaches to couples for better future life.

The importance of self-care for both partners in a relationship

Self-care is an integral part of any successful relationship. Couples that maintain healthy self-care habits are more likely to have healthier and longer relationships. Couples Therapy in the San Francisco bay area by Dr.Cammy can help both partners better to understand the importance of self-care for their relationship. Healing can involve using somatic theories, abilities, centering, focusing, and mindfulness.

Through Couples Therapy, couples can learn how to recognize their individual needs and adequately care for themselves to support each other better. Self-care involves taking time to rest, relax, and do activities that you enjoy and bring joy or peace into your life. Couples therapy helps partners identify what activities make them feel fulfilled or energized while also helping them develop creative ways to practice self-care. For people around the San Francisco Bay Area, the Dr. Cammy’s Couples Therapy Center offers modern integrated approaches to couples counseling, partner therapy, relationship and sexual engagement coaching, sex therapy, and solo psychotherapy.

Self-care also involves being mindful of mental health and emotional needs, as well as physical ones. We can help couples learn how to recognize signs of stress or depression in each other while also helping them articulate their individual needs so that both partners feel heard and respected. Additionally, Couples Therapy can help couples identify barriers to self-care, such as negative self-talk or fear of making time for themselves, and work through those together.


Ultimately, Couples Therapy offers an ideal environment for partners to grow closer by better understanding their individual needs and developing healthy habits that allow them to support each other more effectively. Self-care helps ensure a successful relationship by allowing for a stronger bond between partners and promoting more beneficial communication. Couples Therapy can help you create positive self-care habits that will benefit both of you for years to come.

Dr. Cammy's therapy is based in San Francisco provides couples therapy services in an accepting, nonjudgmental environment. Through trauma-informed counseling, our highly trained sex therapists are dedicated to helping couples develop healthy relationships through self-care and communication skills. Make an appointment with one of San Francisco's top couples counselors or psychologists to strengthen your relationship. 

We look forward to helping you toward a healthier and happier relationship!