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Our Specialties

Expert, Trauma-Informed Coaching

We each play a critical role in building a life that makes us excited to wake up every morning. When we live in line with our values, we become an unstoppable force and our dreams become a reality. We help people every single day reclaim their days, their relationships, their careers, and their lives.

At Bliss In Being, we deliver comprehensive, wraparound coaching services and trauma-informed coaching for teens, adults, couples, and families. We help people get unstuck so they can live full, joyful and connected lives.

Cultivate Lifelong Transformation.

Change becomes permanent when we re-wire the neural and physiologic pathways in our mind and body. Our thoughts and behaviors become habituated over time. That’s called muscle memory. We need muscle memory for routine daily activities like driving, housecleaning, folding clothes, remembering important information, and more.

Muscle memory starts to work against us when we depend on it for special and significant parts of our life.

Do you kiss your partner goodbye without even thinking about it anymore?
Have your friendships turned from deep and connected to distant and transactional?
Is your love of parenting lost in the stress of the daily grind?
Do you shower without even feeling the warmth of the water on your body?
Does your work feel more like a paycheck than a true vocation?

If you feel like you are DOING LIFE rather than actually LIVING LIFE, you have come to the right place! Our coaching program uses evidence-based skills to change your thinking, shift old patterns, and create new opportunities.

Our Interventions

Our coaching programs use scientifically backed interventions from:

Neurolinguistic Programming
Motivational Interviewing
Solution-Focused Coaching
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
Couple Goals
Coaching Services
Our Services

Coaching Services Offered

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Whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, relationships or fulfillment, one of our licensed trauma therapists or coaches can help.